About the Society

Society Governance

The Boatbuilding Heritage Society of British Columbia is a provincially registered society under the Society Act.

The purposes of the Society  are:
a. to restore, repair and preserve historic boats built in British Columbia.
b. to preserve the history of boatbuilding in British Columbia.
c. to provide educational opportunities related to historic boats and boatbuilding.

British Columbia’s Yachting Heritage

Universal R Class “Lady Van”

The flagship project of the Society is the restoration and program of the one of the most famous racing boats in Vancouver and surrounds from the 1930s, the R-Class sloop Lady Van, built in the Vancouver Drydock Company in North Vancouver and launched in 1928.

Members of the Society are:

Don Martin – Director, David Sutcliffe – Director, Rainer Muller, Maynard Marceau, Mark Allison, Richard Ballantyne – Director, Paul McGarvey

Constating Documents

2009 Constitution and By-laws – Boatbuilding Heritage Society of British Columbia

Proposed new By-laws – 2016

Comparison of exiting and proposed By-laws


2016 Annual General Meeting Agenda

Minutes of AGM of Oct 28, 2014

Presentation of 2014, 2015 Financial Statements and discussion on 2016 numbers (see below).

2016 Annual Report of Directors

Election of Directors – Don Martin, Rich Ballantyne, David Sutcliffe


Financial Information

2016 – Note: these are PRELIMINARY and not ready for approval

2016 Balance Sheet  2016 Statement of Operations  2016 Cash Flow


2015 Balance Sheet  2015 Statement of Operations  2015 Cash Flow


 2014 Balance Sheet  2014 Statement of Operations  2014 Cash Flow


2013 Balance Sheet  2013 Statement of Operations  2013  Cash Flow


2012 Balance Sheet  2012 Statement of Operations  2012 Cash Flow


2011 Financial Statements


2010 Financial Statements


2009 Balance Sheet  2009 Statement of Operations  2009 Cash Flow