Race Day 2 – Jack Cribb Day 2

A cold front moved in over night and brought a drizzle and shifty easterly winds to English Bay. While not ideal from the sunshine viewpoint, slightly stronger winds with interesting shifts made for great racing conditions.

Race 1 –  All 3 boats got a clean start on the short line which put a premium on getting away in clean air. On the first beat, Lady Van took advantage of big right shift while she was out of phase with Ace and Aloha and build a big lead. She held on and covered the other boats for the remaining legs. Ace and Aloha had a close duel with a couple of lead changes, but Aloha came to the finish ahead.

Race 2 – Ace use a tactical advantage at the start to keep Lady Van from driving the line and she started behind Ace on one end of the line, while Aloha keep clear on the other. Keeping close behind Ace on the first 5 legs, Lady Van gybed a couple of times on the last leg to try for an advantage and was ahead for a short period, but Ace pipped Lady Van to the line.

Race 3 – Lady Van steered clear of Ace and Aloha during the start sequence and hit the line at the committee boat on port tack in the middle of a left shift. On the starboard tack Aloha to struggle to make the pin, but still managed to push Ace into having to circle around and start late. With a big tactical advantage, Lady Van covered Aloha and Ace to lead all the way to the finish.

Results:       Race 1     Race 2     Race 3     Points After 6 Races

Lady Van        1               2             1                  11

Ace                   3               1             2                  18

Aloha              2               3             3                  25