Race Day 5 Alexandra Cup – Day 2

Light airs were the order of the day with Lady Van and Ace, and a crowd of spectator boats circling around while Race Committee looked for enough wind to get the races off.

Race 1 – Both boats entered the zone at the same time. Lady Van used her maneuverability advantage to circle the Committee Boat a couple of times and keep Ace off the course on the left side. She then timed her run to the start perfectly and got away with a good lead. She used her light wind speed and maneuverability to keep Ace behind and rounded the first Mark clear ahead. She maintained her lead on the spinnaker run and then extended her lead on the second beat and lead to the Finish.

There was a 2 hour delay after Race 1. Finally enough wind was found to set up a course and Race 2 got started. The first attempt at a race was blown off after the Start due to Race Committee seeing a 60 degree wind shift. A second attempt was also blown off; Lady Van had pushed Ace over the line before the Gun, but was over herself with an advantage. As Lady Van cleared, Race Committee pulled Ace’s flag down. While Lady Van got away well, the Umpires believed Ace would have won a redress hearing due to the error and asked Race Committee to abandon the race.

Race 2 – During the prestart maneuvering, Lady Van, on port, managed to cross Ace. Ace believed they had to change course to avoid and collision. The Umpires agreed and gave Lady Van a penalty. Lady Van used the starboard side and better maneuvability to get away from the line ahead of Ace and lead around the course. On the second windward leg, Lady Van gybed around to the starboard layline to clear the penalty while staying ahead of Ace.

Points Results:       Race 1  Race 2  Race 3  Race 4   Race 5  Race 6    Points After 5 Races

Lady Van                      1             0            0         2           2                                   5

Ace                                0             1            1          0           0                                  2