Race Day 1 – Jack Cribb Day 1

Lady Van Leading to Finish on Day 1

Perfect conditions attended the opening of the Alexandra Cup. Sunny skies and shorts weather is uncommon for late October, but the sailors enjoyed it all. Race Committee did a great job to get 3 races off in a typical summer westerly (but this is late October) wind after a 1 hr. delay.



Sail Along with Lady Van – video from Day 1 Sailing

Race 1 – In a building westerly, Aloha was a little over-eager at the Gun and had to peel back to restart. Just before the X Flag came down, Ace was feeling guilty and started to peel back to the start line, but quickly realized it was a mistake. This was enough for Lady Van to get a good lead, which she maintained all the way to the finish.

Race 2 – At the start, Ace managed to get an advantage over Lady Van at the Committee Boat and forced her to have to go around. Ace then lead for the first lap. At the 1st Leeward mark, Ace approached on Starboard and ahead, but left a gap for Lady Van to squeeze into. Just after the mark, Lady Van tacked into clear air and to the favoured side of the course and managed to keep the lead for the next leg and to the finish.

Close Quarters

Race 3 – Everyone had learned their lessons and all boats had cleaner startsf. Ace started at the Committee Boat, Aloha at the Pin, and Lady Van kept her nose clean in the middle. In a lightening breeze, Lady Van showed that she was custom designed for English Bay conditions and that she could sail higher and faster than the 2 bigger, heavier boats. Leading into the first mark, she kept her advantage in a close match around the course and finished just ahead of Ace and Aloha.

Results:     Race 1    Race 2   Race 3    Points After 3 Races

Lady Van      1             1           1                 3

Ace                 2             2           2               6

Aloha            3             3           3                9